My artwork is a range of different subject matter.  I love bright, vibrant colors and combining them into different themes.  I primarily focus on the figure or portrait work, but recently I have started experimenting with nature, specifically studying varied bodies of water during sunrise or sunset.  

Aside from painting, I have been an Art Educator for last 10 years teaching all levels of education. When I'm not with my family or friends, I center my life practicing yoga and spending time at the beach!

Born and raised in southern New Jersey, my love for art started at a very young age.  I was heavily influenced by the theater life, as I grew up with my Dad's side of the family working as stagehands. I was able to see a whole different world of staging most people never knew existed. I, too, worked for 7.5 years on the stages setting up concerts and different theaters shows, and these experiences impacted the way I used light and color in my paintings. I saw the effects of what stage lighting did to the human figure when performers got on stage, and I wanted to recreate that dramatic appeal within my work.