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My artwork is a range of different subject matter.  I love bright, vibrant colors and combining them into different themes.  I primarily focus on the figure or portrait work, but recently I have started experimenting with nature, specifically studying varied bodies of water during sunrise or sunset.  

I have been involved with Art Education for the last 12 years, working with all levels K-12, as well as the collegiate level. I also teach and practice Yoga (500-CYT).  When I am not working, you can find me cooking, playing with my dog, or at the beach !

Born and raised in southern New Jersey, my love for art started at a very young age.  I was heavily influenced by the theater life, as I grew up with my Dad's side of the family working in theaters. I was able to see a whole different world of staging most people never knew existed. These experiences impacted the way I used light and color, which thus transformed my artwork.

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